Stories on a Sunday With Giles Abbott

Join Master Storyteller Giles Abbott and just twelve guests around the Sarcophagus in Lion's Chamber of Our Museum's Wunderkabinnet for Monthly Storytelling evenings

May 10th 2015 - Jul 12th 2015

Museum Tour With Viktor Wynd

Join Viktor Wynd, curator & owner of The Museum for an intimate tour of his museum

Apr 30th 2015 - Jul 9th 2015

Surreal England

Leonora Carrington, Pailthorpe & Mednikoff, Robin Ironside & Austin Osman Spare 26th February- 31st May

Feb 26th 2015 - May 31st 2015

The Infected Museum

Alastair Mackie, Tessa Farmer, Kate MccGwire, Mat Killick, Theatre of Dolls, Paul Hazleton, Stephen Wright, Magnus Irvin, Shezad Dawood, Eleanor Crook The Connor Brothers, Molly Micklethwait & Rufus White

Feb 26th 2015 - May 31st 2015

Valentine's Heart in a Jar Class

Say That Special Something That Very Special Way This Year on Valentine's Day, Spend Your Afternoon Learning How To Preserve a Heart - Forever - Bottle It & Take it Home (in one or two or more pieces)

Feb 14th 2015 - Feb 14th 2015

Cocktail Masterclass

Get Behind The Bar & Learn To Make (& drink) four classic cocktails (with our own classic twist)

Feb 12th 2015 - Jun 10th 2015

Menagerie at The Museum - a Petting Zoo

Living Animals Invade The Wunderkabinett - Pet a Python, Fondle a Frog, Touch a Tarantula, cuddle a Chameleon & more in a educational display

Jan 23rd 2015 - Mar 22nd 2015

The Lecture Series

From Tailoring With Richard Anderson To Sloths, Cecil Beaton, Lord Berners, Cocktail Classes, Gavin Turk, Pop Art, Tatoos, Fairy Tales, Fish Keeping, Taxidermy Classes, The Arabian Nights, Taxidermy Classes & Many More

Jan 1st 2015 - May 30th 2015

Taxidermy Academy Timetable

Mouse/Mole/Rat/Rabbit/Crow/Squirrel/Snake/Puppy/Hedgehog/Crab/Fox & Goat Taxidermy Courses from £35 Anthropomorphic & Naturalistic

Sep 3rd 2014 - Apr 30th 2015


The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History is now Open


Sep 8th 2014 - The Country's only Curiosity Museum is now open Wednesday - Sunday 11am-10pm, with a tiny cafe, cocktail & tapas bar on the gr…

A Day in The Life of Viktor Wynd


Sep 8th 2014 - National Geographic Documentary on The Society's Chancellor Viktor Wynd

Share Your Dreams


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