Society Tuesdays

Curating Social Experiences for the Culturally Curious Every Tuesday! At The Last Tuesday Society

Join The Society every Tuesday evening for a private initiation to London's Most Curious event programme.


Follow in the footsteps of the many great creative minds of the Belle Epoque era and summon your inspiration from the infamous Green Fairy during an Absinthe Drink & Draw. 

Experience an interactive illusion of the greatest kind during Vienna's master illusionist and former theologian, Philipp Oberlohr's Séance

Explore the delicious histories & mysteries of the spirit world during a special tasting event with spirit brand ambassadors and their tastefully intoxicating good.

Attend a Private Screenings in the dark world of our venue's most charming decor 

Feast your mind during The Society's lecture series and literary salon as special guests, authors, historians and artists share their insight on the world of anytime from the history of tattooing or the ancient art of Japanese bondage to the legend of Soho's greatest dandy or illuminating darkness of London's great occultists.

Join one of our chief alchemists of cocktails for a private evening behind the bar and learn for yourself what goes into these most curious and magically intoxicating concoctions at a Society Cocktail Masterclass

The Society's Tuesday Event Series is curated by Director Allison Crawbuck.


Calendar Here

The Last Tuesday Society runs London's longest running literary salon and has put on over 500 literary talks and lectures starting in 2005 over lavish dinners at The Grill Room of The Café Royal with peripatetic life from the Whitechapel Art Gallery to Bistrotheque ever since until the opening of The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities. Fine Art & Natural History in Hackney in the autumn of 2014 gave us a permanent home.

Past speakers have included Philip Hoare, Ian Kelly, Marina Warner, John Waters, Hugo Vickers, Max Egremont, A.C.Grayling, Toby Young, Tim Knox, Selina Hastings, Stephen Bayley, Tom Hunter, Robert Irwin, Doug Fishbone, D.J.Taylor, Alasdair Gray.