London's Only Absinthe Hour

The Last Tuesday Society launches L'Heure Verte: Absinthe Hour at London's Most Curious Cocktail Bar

Tuesday-Friday from 6:00pm to 7:00pm

A precursor to the “Happy Hour” known today, L’Heure Verte transformed cafés and brasseries of the 19th century into marvellous assemblies of creative and wandering minds alike, meeting together with Absinthe in hand and channel the intoxicating inspirations of La Fée Verte.

Heighten your experience and succumb to the charm of the infamous Green Fairy. Enchant yourself with our Weekly Absinthe Specials.

Stimulate your senses and indulge. Sample some of our Finest Nibbles Free with each 
Absinthe order to ground your sensibilites.

Reservations required. To reserve your table, please email with the subject "Green Hour"

The Evening Standard says:

"Even though (contrary to the popular myth) absinthe doesn’t actually cause hallucinations, you’ll definitely feel a bit wonky if you choose to sip on it at the cocktail bar in the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities in East London. Travel to Bethnal Green to explore this museum’s oddities and enjoy some of the quirkiest cocktails in London – all full of the fairy."