Private Hire

The Museum is available for Private, Corporate Film & Photographic Hire online contact 02079983617 or for online reservations

The Cocktail Bar + Museum may be hired for a variety of purposes - from dinner & cocktail parties to boardroom meetings & intimate moments.

Full Venue Private Evening Hire

Cocktail Bar + Museum: 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Monday                        £  500 Private Hire 

Tuesday                       £  750 Private Hire 

Wednesday                  £  1000 Private Hire + £500 Minimum Spend

Thursday                      £  1000 Private Hire + £750 Minimum Spend

Friday                           £  1000 Private Hire + £1000 Minimum Spend

Saturday                       £  1100 Private Hire + £2250 Minimum Spend

Sunday                         £  1000 Private Hire + £1000 Minimum Spend

Full Venue Hire Includes:


-   Private bar staffed with your very own expert mixologists

-   Bespoke menu of carefully curated cocktails

-   Table service with friendly waitress/waiters to cater for your event

-   Admission for all guests to the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities

Additional Charges: Setup Time: £150/hour for setup time required prior to Full Venue Private Evening Hire hours Wednesday - Sunday. No additional charge for setup time on Monday - Tuesday events. 

Please enquire about venue rules.




Standing Capacity (Full Venue):

Up to 100 people

Main Gallery:

Up to 30 people seated upstairs

Spare Room + Private Smoking Section:

Up to 20 people seated maximum


The Wunderkabinett

The Lion’s Chamber:

Seat your guests on deep crimson velvet banquettes around a Sarcophagus (table) containing a human skeleton in the heart of the underground Wunderkabinett, presided over by the caged skeleton of a Lion, a suspended sea monster and a striking painting by Mervyn Peake.

Capacity:  Seats 10 

£75 Wednesday - Sunday

£400 Monday - Tuesday with exclusive access to the venue for an intimate dinner party


Cocktail Masterclasses


Click here to find out more about our Private Cocktail Masterclasses teaching you to make (& drink) four classic cocktails. £35 a head (minimum six people or £200)


Add Ons 


Catering: Please enquire for cost.

Please contact us for more information on our current catering options.

Absinthe Fountain & Demonstration: £12.50/person

Sit around on of our Absinthe fountains and sip on some of the finest & most infamous green spirit in the traditional Belle Epoque style of drinking. 

Signature Last Tuesday Society Dressing of Venue: £150

Velvet, dying flowers, fruits, silly toys, surprises, et al

Personalized Cake:

£30 for up to 10 people

£40 for up to 20 people

Cakage: £15

Candles, plates, cutlery, napkins — we’ve got you covered.

Edible Insect Platter: £20 - £100

Mole crickets, grasshoppers, mealworms, buffalo worms, giant water bugs, flying termites, wild ants, and more! 

Private Petting Zoo: £100

Sip on your cocktails with Boa Constrictors, Pythons, Bearded Dragons, Water Dragons, Chameleons, Millipedes, Bull Frogs, Crabs and more!   

Amphomorphic Taxidermy Class:

£225+£10/person for Specimen (up to 20 people)

Sit down with your choice of an amphomorphic mouse, crab, feather fascinator, moth or butterfly. Class is guided by an expert taxidermist as your build your own stuffed/set creation to take home during the party. Maximum 20 and minimum 8 people. Takes roughly 2-3 hours.

Viktor Wynd Guided Tour: £300

Guided tour(s) around the museum with your guests lead by Viktor Wynd himself (or Guided Tour By Museum Director: £75)

Storytelling with Giles Abbot: £150

Master storyteller Giles Abbott will create a specially tailored session of stories to delight, thrill, entertain and titillate your guests.

Film & Location Hire 


The Museum & Cocktail Bar are available to hire for filming & photo shoots Monday - Friday from 10am-5pm - £150 an hour.

To enquire, please email