THE VIKTOR WYND Museum of Curiosities

The Country's only Curiosity Museum - open Wednesday to Sunday 12pm-10pm

The Last Tuesday Society presents the first all encompassing museum to open in London since the Horniman in 1901. The Museum will present an incoherent vision of the world displayed through wonder enclosed within a tiny space, no attempt is made at classification and comprehensiveness, instead the museum focuses on the pre-enlightenment origins of the museum as Wunderkabinett – a mirror to a world so suffused with miracles and beauty that any attempt at categorization is bound to fail. Where contemporary museumology hides 90% of a collection, attempts to educate and explain, to put the world into neat little labeled drawers dictated by an obscurantist elite establishment that has shown itself in error many time over the centuries & is obsessed with a pedantic overspecialization of so called "knowledge" that means little or nothing to anyone outside it's narrow little field & oft discredited metanarratives this museum will merely display everything that has glittered & caught the eye of it's founder – from rare priceless marvels of the natural and scientific worlds like Dodo Bones or speculum to the intriguing beauty of McDonald's Happy Meal Toys, from old master etchings to prison inmates & mad women's doodles, occultists paintings and pop art prints, the horrors and wonders of nature, two headed kittens and living coral. By placing the rare and the beautiful on the same plane as the commonplace, banal & amusing this museum seeks not to educate but to subvert, to show the world not in a grain of sand, but in a Hackney basement. The Museum has no overreaching aim beyond the theft of it's visitors time and the hope that it will provide amusement by return & hopes to fill the vacuum between what the establishment elite believes is worthy of worship & what exists in the world.

Future Exhibitions
Exhibitions currently in development include Mervyn Peake, Gunter Grass, Alasdair Gray, Angus McBane, Stephen Tennant & Austin Osman Spare

Past Exhibitions
Include: Matthew Killick - Vanessa Hodgkinson - Philip Hoare & Angela Cockayne - The House of Fairy Tales - Strange Attractor - Fieldgate Gallery - Lina Scheynius  - Marcelle Hanselaar  - Peattie and Taylor - Samantha Sweeting - Stephen Wright  - Zoe Beloff  - Cody Critcheloe  - Beasts Royal  - And the Walls Dissolved...  - Matthew Killick & Katie Gaudion - Stephen Tennant - Mervyn Peake and Maeve Gilmore  - Alex Binnie - Tessa Farmer - Leonora Carrington - Tilly Losch - Glitterbug - Bones of my Hand,  - Sebastian Horsely, Cecil Beaton and many more.

Admission to the Museum is £6. Full price admission includes a free cup of tea upon request. 

Discounted £2.50 admission available to all on Thursday evening 5pm-10pm.

Admission to the Mini Menagerie held in the Museum is £6/person. Dates for these events can be found here

Please note Saturdays are our busiest day of the week. As the Museum has a very limited capacity, admission cannot be guaranteed for all guests upon arrival. We will do our very best to ensure a wonderful experience for all visitors. If visiting a Saturday, please plan to expect a wait. Reservations for a drink in our cocktail bar before your visit to the museum are strongly encouraged. Book your table here


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L'Heure Verte: Absinthe Hour

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Sep 13th 2017 - Dec 31st 2019