Society Event Series

Lectures, Absinthe Tasting, Life Drawing, Séances, Pettings Zoo, Gile's Stories on a Sunday & more!


Upcoming 'Events & Lectures Series'


Rough Spirits & High Society: The Culture of Drink with Ruth Ball

Exploring the Culture of Drink with Author Ruth Ball

Dec 12th 2017 - Dec 12th 2017

Holiday Special Cocktail Masterclass

Learns to make (& drink!) four classic cocktails with a Last Tuesday Society twist!

Dec 19th 2017 - Dec 31st 2017

Halloween Special Cocktail Masterclass

Learns to make (& drink!) four classic cocktails with a Last Tuesday Society twist!

Oct 17th 2017 - Dec 31st 2017

Menagerie at The Museum - a Petting Zoo

Living Animals Invade The Wunderkabinett - Pet a Python, Fondle a Frog, Touch a Tarantula, cuddle a Chameleon & more in a educational display

Jul 28th 2017 - Dec 31st 2017

L'Heure Verte: Absinthe Hour

Join us in Grand Celebration of the classic Belle Époque tradition that was L’Heure Verte: Absinthe Hour.

Sep 13th 2017 - Dec 31st 2017

The Poetic Libertine: Rochester, Byron And Other Scoundrels

A Talk with Author Alexander Larman

Jan 23rd 2018 - Jan 23rd 2018

Amatory Pleasures: Explorations in Eighteenth-Century Sexual Culture with Julie Peakman

More information to be released

Feb 6th 2018 - Feb 6th 2018

Fat Tuesday: A Feast of the Flesh

More information to be released

Feb 13th 2018 - Feb 13th 2018

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Nov 6th 2017 - Feb 28th 2018


Past 'Events & Lectures Series'


The History & Mysteries of Gin: A Masterclass with Lee Peare of Bathtub Gin

Including a tasting of 6 different variations of Bathtub Gin

Nov 21st 2017 - Nov 21st 2017

Fin de Siècle Satanism in Bohemian Paris: French Decadence & Occultism

A lecture with author Madeleine LeDespencer

Nov 7th 2017 - Nov 14th 2017

A Halloween Séance with Philipp Oberlohr

An Interactive Illusion of the Greatest Kind + Victorian-era Cocktails to Pair

Oct 24th 2017 - Oct 24th 2017

Absinthe Drink & Draw

More details to be released...

Feb 12th 2018 - Oct 11th 2017

Absinthe Drink & Draw

More details to be released

Jan 30th 2018 - Oct 11th 2017

Most Curious Cocktail Masterclass

Learn how to make (& drink!) four classic cocktails with a Last Tuesday twist

Feb 12th 2018 - Oct 11th 2017

Absinthe Drink & Draw

Welcoming back model Freyia Lilian

Dec 11th 2017 - Oct 11th 2017

A Look at Walter Potter's Curious World of Taxidermy with Joanna Ebenstein

Co-Founder of Brooklyn's Morbid Anatomy Museum discusses the work of English Taxidermist Walter Potter plus a special UK screening of a screening of Ronni Thomas' award winning short documentary about Potter--The Man Who Married Kittens

Oct 10th 2017 - Oct 10th 2017

Society Absinthe Tasting Event

Indulge in a select menu of premium absinthes with with brand ambassador and Absinthe connoisseur Jenny Gardener of Sip or Mix.

Sep 19th 2017 - Sep 19th 2017

Absinthe Drink & Draw: Los Muertos

Channel the influence of this infamous spirit during our monthly life drawing salon

Oct 17th 2017 - Sep 18th 2017

The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare

A Lecture with Jonathan Allen

Sep 12th 2017 - Sep 12th 2017

Bompas & Parr present the world’s first Sausage Séance at The Last Tuesday Society

Poking sausage shaped holes into the ethereal realm

Aug 15th 2017 - Aug 15th 2017

Welcome to the Fly Club

A Private Screening and Talk with Artist Magnus Irvin

Jul 31st 2017 - Jul 31st 2017

Empire of Booze: SOLD OUT!

A History of the British Empire Told Through Drink

Jul 11th 2017 - Jul 11th 2017

Absinthe Drink & Draw: Los Muertos

Indulge your creative flare as a true bohemian artiste with the influence of Absinthe in hand

Oct 16th 2017 - Jul 11th 2017

Stories on a Sunday With Giles Abbott

Join Master Storyteller Giles Abbott and just twelve guests around the Sarcophagus in Lion's Chamber of Our Museum's Wunderkabinnet for Monthly Storytelling evenings

Mar 12th 2017 - Jul 9th 2017

Absinthe Drink & Draw: Tangled

The Last Tuesday Society invites you join us for our monthly Life Drawing Salon paired with traditional Absinthe

Jun 19th 2017 - Jun 19th 2017

Tattoo: An Art History with Dr Matt Lodder

Paired with Navy Strength Rum

Jun 6th 2017 - Jun 6th 2017

The Last Tuesday Society's Cocktail Bar Celebrates its First RE-Birthday!

Let us re-introduce you to London's most curious cocktail bar Curating social experiences for the culturally curious

May 30th 2017 - Jun 4th 2017

Absinthe+Life Drawing Salon: the Art of Japanese Rope Bondage

Explore the relationship between bunny and rigger, body and rope, pleasure and pain

May 22nd 2017 - May 22nd 2017

Société Drink & Draw

Absinthe & l'Androgynie

Apr 18th 2017 - Apr 18th 2017

Sebastian Horsley: Dandy in the Underworld

with Fenella Hitchcock

Apr 11th 2017 - Apr 11th 2017

A Society Séance with Philipp Oberlohr

An Interactive Illusion of the Greatest Kind + Victorian-era Cocktails to Pair

Apr 4th 2017 - Apr 4th 2017

Thursday Nights at The Last Tuesday Society!

Half Price Museum Admission + FREE Aperitivo with Each Cocktail Ordered Every Thursday!

Mar 23rd 2017 - Mar 20th 2017

Société Drink & Draw

Absinthe, Paraphernalia & Regalia of Alchemy and The Occult

Mar 14th 2017 - Mar 14th 2017

Illuminating Darkness: Aleister Crowley, Poetry and the Equinox

Lecture by Matthew Levi Stevens & paired with some one of the occultist's very own cocktail creations

Mar 7th 2017 - Mar 7th 2017

Int'l Absinthe Day: Special Tasting Menu + Reptiles

The Last Tuesday Society invites you to celebrate International Absinthe Day Sunday 5th March at The Last Tuesday Society with a tasting menu of traditional Absinthes + Reptiles to pair!

Mar 5th 2017 - Mar 5th 2017

Peculiar Cocktail's for Miss Peregrine's Release

Launch of New Peculiar Cocktail Menu created for Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Characters

Feb 1st 2017 - Feb 28th 2017

Fat Tuesday: Decadence, Debauchery & Desire

Join us on the last Tuesday of February for a Feast of Irresistible Desires and Overindulgent Sin

Feb 28th 2017 - Feb 28th 2017

The Pleasure's All Mine

A Valentine's Lecture on the History of Perverse Sex with Julie Peakman paired with Glass of Bubbly & Chocolate Anus

Feb 14th 2017 - Feb 14th 2017

Société Drink & Draw

A Valentine's Special + Absinthe Pairing featuring Two Models for this Life Drawing Salon

Feb 13th 2017 - Feb 13th 2017

Decadence with The British Library

A Talk on the Literary Anthology with Jon Crabb of The British Library

Feb 7th 2017 - Feb 7th 2017

Société Drink & Draw: The Absinthe Drinker

Jan 17th 2017 - Jan 17th 2017

Curse of the Green Fairy

A Lecture on Absinthe & Impressionism by Jad Adams followed by an Introduction to the Belle Epoque Style of Drinking the Notorious Green Spirit with Jade Absinthe

Jan 10th 2017 - Jan 10th 2017

Gossamer Days - Spiders, Humans and Their Threads, with Eleanor Morgan

What happens when one making animal meets another? Gossamer Days explores the strange web of spider-human relationships.

Dec 5th 2016 - Dec 5th 2016

The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare

The Tarot Deck of Austin Osman Spare, with Jonathan Allen

Nov 21st 2016 - Nov 22nd 2016

Ecstasies of Darkness

The History of Witches’ Ointments, with Raymond Salvatore Harmon

Oct 25th 2016 - Oct 25th 2016

Halloween Séance with Philipp Oberlohr.

"Tonight we create a séance. Tonight we create contact with the spirits. Don't be afraid . . ."

Oct 24th 2016 - Oct 24th 2016

Tiger Woman – Betty May

Tiger Woman – Betty May, Aleister Crowley, Belle Époque Paris & Bohemian London, with Celine Hispiche.

Sep 19th 2016 - Sep 19th 2016

'Oscar Wilde and the Mummy's Curse, and Other Tales of the Egyptian Macabre', with Eleanor Dobson

At the fin de siècle ancient Egyptian jewellery was all the rage, but some believed that these objects plundered from the tombs of the dead might confer bad luck upon their modern owners.

May 23rd 2016 - May 23rd 2016

Top Hats and Tail coats with Spirit Bath House

New Orleans Voodoo

May 9th 2016 - May 9th 2016

Lotus Blossoms and Dragon Ladies: The Many Lives of Anna May Wong, with Jasper Sharp

The world’s first Chinese-American movie legend Anna May Wong (1905–1961) uncomfortably straddled two cultures.

Apr 25th 2016 - Apr 25th 2016

Secret Teachers of the Western World, with Gary Lachman

This epic study unveils the esoteric masters who have covertly impacted the intellectual development of the West, from Pythagoras and Zoroaster to the modern icons Jean Gebser and Schwaller de Lubicz.

Apr 19th 2016 - Apr 19th 2016

Wake the Dead!

An evening of Necromancy, delving into the dark and macabre practice of calling up the dead. Why its done? how its done? and what's used to do it? from working with the ancestors to employing the departed to undertake tasks and answer questions. We'll examine rites and rituals from around the world, explore the potions, charms and tools to execute necromantic operations and experiments and gain insight into how the dead are called on to benefit us in our day to day lives.

Apr 11th 2016 - Apr 11th 2016

British Sex and Violence in the ‘70s, with Justin Harries

Coming down from the so-called Swinging Sixties, ’70s Britain finally had to confront the fact that it was no longer a game changer in global affairs, just a small, seemingly overburdened nation with a closet full of skeletons and infused with an inability to swim against the tide of change.

Apr 4th 2016 - Apr 4th 2016

Swinging Paris: Renoma, Les Minets, and La Bande du Drugstore, with Vadim Kosmos

Rock ‘n’ Roll hit France late and not without resistance.

Mar 21st 2016 - Mar 21st 2016

Rebellious Spirits: the history of illicit spirits, with Ruth Ball

When we think of illicit spirits we think of prohibition America but our own isle also has hundreds of years of experience in dodging the law when it comes to strong drink.

Mar 7th 2016 - Mar 7th 2016

A Ghost’s Story, with Lorna Gibb

Blurring fact and fiction, belief and illusion, desire and madness, Lorna Gibb presents an uncannily authoritative fictionalised autobiography of Katie King – the most famous ghost of the last two centuries...

Feb 23rd 2016 - Feb 23rd 2016

Alice in Wonderland: Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll, with Mark Richards

An exploration of how Lewis Carroll's dream-child has inspired the wilder sides of popular culture. In this very visual talk, Mark Richards explores Alice's pervasive influence with a particular focus on the fringes of everyday life and culture, observing how a child of the Victorian nursery finds her way into the most unlikely places.

Nov 9th 2015 - Nov 9th 2015