The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities Kickstarter Appeal

The Society's Museum Is Almost Finished - Almost... Please help turn our Dream into a Reality, This Is Your Society, Your Museum filled with Curiosities, Cocktails, Lectures, Exhibitions, Natural History, Dinners, Freaks - a New Museum for a New London - Be a Part of The Museum, Make it a Better Museum - Help Us Now!


The Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities, Fine Art & Natural History, London

11 Mare St, London, E8 4RP


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We need to 

1/Finish building  The Wunderkabinett, install, light, label & present our wonders

2/hire  a Literary Director to program the lecture series 

3/ fund the exhibitions program.

4/build the disabled loo 

5/develop London's most baroque cocktail menu


The Last Tuesday Society launched it's Little Shop of Horrors in 2009, hovering halfway between theatre and sculpture, shop and museum, academic institution and art gallery, it is, like its founder, both an installation and a performance.

Austin Osman Spare, Elephant's Teeth, Sea Shells & Wallaby's Austin Osman Spare, Elephant's Teeth, Sea Shells & Wallaby's

Now following the granting of Museum Status by Hackney Council the Shop is being transformed, with your help, into the countries only Curiosity Museum, a unique Wunderkabinett that will hopes to offer a mirror to a world so suffused with miracles and beauty that any attempt at categorization is bound to fail. 


With your help The Upper Galleries will be dedicated to exhibitions, a coral reef aquarium, a minute gift shop & a tiny macabre baroque cocktail bar & cafe, underground The Wunderkabinett will host a gesumskunstwerk of Curiosities, Natural History & Fine Art, from old master etchings to tin toys & extinct birds.  For the launch Wynd is inviting a number artists to subvert the permanent collection, responding to the notion of The Infected Museum, while upstairs an exhibition will highlight the English Surrealists and Crypto-Surrealists, from Leonora Carrington, Pailthorpe & Mednikoff to Robin Ironside. Future exhibitions hope to include Tessa Farmer, Gunter Grass, Alasdair Gray, Mervyn Peake, Lina Scheynius, Angus McBane & Austin Osman Spare.

Cabinet of Death Cabinet of Death

With your help we will put on a packed schedule of talks, class & lectures from the world's endlessly obscure repertoire , from aquarium husbandry to Surrealism,The Mitfords, Sadism, Taxidermy & The Occult, all lubricated with the finest cocktails.  The events programme will be co-curated by Viktor Wynd, Mark Pilkington and Amber Butchart.For the more adventurous, The Lion Room - tucked deep in the bowels of the lower galleries - is available for private hire for dinners and intimate encounters for up to ten people.  Seated on deep velvet banquettes, guests will dine off a sarcophagus holding a 19th century human skeleton, surrounded by erotica and overlooked by a caged lion skeleton and a disturbingly powerful Mervyn Peake painting.   

laying the reclaimed parquet floor laying the reclaimed parquet floor

Every Penny Counts & Every Penny Raised Will Make a Better Museum - choose from over 40 Rewards from £5 with one free entry to a lavish intimate banquet of oysters & lobsters cooked, served and hosted by Viktor Wynd around the Sarcophagus in The Wunderkabinett's Lion Chamber for £100