A Danse Macabre - The Halloween Ball

London's Most Magnificent Halloween Ball - a Baroque Carnival of Lust & Disgust


Oct 31st 2018 9:00 pm - 4:00 am

The Scala

275 Pentonville Road

Tickets £35

Early Birds from £25


The Last Tuesday Society

Presents It’s 12th Annual Halloween Ball

His Excellency, The Chancellor, Viktor Wynd

Requests & Requires Your  BeBlooded & Disgusting (Though Terribly Beautiful) Presence At

A Danse Macabre – The Halloween Ball

- a burlesque carnival of lust & disgust

October 31st

At King’s Cross’s Fabled Multistory Palace of The Night (& Former Primatarium)

The Scala


Dress Up, Dress Magnificently & Gambol The Night Away

Dance in The Day of the Dead Arena, be Tickled To Death in Satans Kabaret Boudoir or Spanked in The Marquis de Sade’s Balcony Dungeon Then Listen to Opera in The Enchanted Forest


Featuring Live Music, A Midnight Feast of Yesterdays Cakes (& Viktor Wynd’s Famous Cheeseboard, a Menagerie (Living & Dead), Golden Nymphs & Satyrs, Life Drawing & Kabaret

Dance The Night Away & Be Entertained By a Vast Cast of London’s Most Salubrious, Enchanted, Divinely Decadent (& Sometimes Dead)

Including Perhaps Contraption, Vicky Butterfly, Missy Macabre, The Roustabouts, Jamie Moon, Joe Black, Lolo Brow, Suri Sumatra, Francois Nordmann, 7inch Max, The Earl of Ealing, Volkova

 The Devils Own Music

Live & Spun Gypsy Punk, Electro-Swing, Party Mash-Ups, Vintage Rock’n’Roll, Burlesque, Swing, Blues, Disco


Best Dressed Costume Competition with Prizes!


But You, Our Honoured & Depraved Guest Are The Star

Dress Code – The Beautiful & The Damned – No Costume No Entry

Come Dressed As Dracula, Zombies, Tonton Macoute, Your Great Grandmother’s Wedding Dress (The One She Was Buried in),  Beelzebub, Top Hat & Tails, Headless, Legless, Bleeding & Dying.  Your Finest Party Frock (Ripped), Tiara’s & Tarantulas, Savile Row meets The Black Widow, Vintage Couture on Death Row

There Will Be Prizes For The Best Costume


Prangsta Costumiers are offering 20% off Hire


A Danse Macabre – The Halloween Ball

The Scala, Kings Cross

Tickets £35 – Limited Early Birds Available Now £27.50

press photos available here